Walt Disney World Birthday – Travel day

Walt Disney World Sign

After over a year of waiting the day is finally here for us to go back home to Disney World.

To Gatwick Airport

We set off for the airport allowing way too much time, fortunately, as was bound to happen at sometime we get stuck on the M25 as two lanes are closed for a vehicle fire. We are quite near when it happens so go slow for a few junctions then we’re past and off again.

So that means we arrive at the parking later than planned but find it no problems, our first time flying from North terminal so it’s all new. Drop the car off, grab our bags and head to check-in.

This is very different. Not a queue in sight, so we are persuaded to try the self service bag drop as I’d already checked in online. Put my bag on first and all goes well albeit a bit slow, next Neal’s and it’s a bit smoother now we know what we’re doing and off it goes… oh, it’s not going. Call someone over who takes the bag and does it for us the ‘normal’ way.

We scan our boarding passes, and I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t printed them as they sent them both to my mobile? Through security, as seems the norm I set of the beeper and have to be x-rayed, but no worries used to it now.

Next to find some food as we couldn’t book the v-room. Neal gets a great meal at Wagamamas then I grab a snack from Jamies. Sit down to eat and look up at the nearest screens as our gate should be up there now, oh my goodness our flight is boarding already!

Head over and it’s literally through with our boarding passes and everyone’s getting on the plane. Find our seats and there’s someone already in them, sort that out and start to make ourselves as comfy as you can.

The Flight To Orlando International Airport

One of the air stewardesses then finds us to say my bag, the one we put through ourselves, can’t be loaded as the label won’t scan so I need to go down with my passport and identify it! OK, go back off the plane have a look at my bag and back again. Well at least I know it’s on the plane.

The flight is fairly eventless, some turbulence but more the shaking you around kind. The flight was shorter than expected so we land 20 minutes early and are the only flight in customs so they get us all through fairly quickly. While we’re queuing they’re keeping us up to date with the bags, they had to stop because of ‘inclement weather’ but as we get through our bags come round on the carousel together within a minute. How lucky.

Now, to get our Disney Dollars, hire car and get on our way. All straight forward, Neal’s really pleased with the car, which is good as there were only 3 and I still haven’t heard the last of how much he didn’t like the Ford we had in 2016!

I manage to navigate us to Port Orleans Riverside and we’re both impressed with how smooth the journey has been. It’s now 7:30pm and there’s no-one else waiting to check-in so we’re seen and given directions to our room, with my Birthday Button.

Arrive At Port Orleans Riverside

Now, we had asked for a specific building as I really wanted to stay in the Magnolia Bend Mansions. Not only did we get the room request we also got upgraded to a pool view so we’re over the moon.

Time for a quick shower and head back to the Riverside Mill for a bite to eat before bed. We get our resort mugs as well as two meals and drinks, I can’t remember my magic band pin but fortunately can remember Neal’s so we sit down and eat while enjoying looking around at the room and the water wheel mechanism.

We haven’t seen much of the resort yet but I can’t believe how beautiful it is, can’t wait to see it in the morning.

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